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Hey everyone!

Last night was, in a word, AWESOME! For those of you who happened to glance at this blog last night, you saw me mention that the concerts and shows were going out on live feed, right?

Well, this is where it gets better. For the balance of today, right up until TONIGHT'S live feed goes out, we are leaving access to last night's broadcast up.

That's right, y'all get a replay option!
If you missed seeing Kellianna's stunning opening act; if you tuned in too late to hear [info]s00j and [info]stealthcello play the Skinny White Chick set; if you didn't get to see all of the Gypsy Nomads; or if you're stuck down at New York Comic Con, and missing Catherynne Valente more than you can bear, and would like to have a slice of her readings -- Hint; there was new stuff. Oh yes, there was! -- and S.J. Tucker's awesome songspinnings around those words -- Hint; there were new songs too!; if you missed the pasty-splosion of Rogue Burlesque...
We've got it handled for you!

You will also notice, as you click over to check out the awesome that is the live stream replay , that there is a little widget to the right of the screen, which will let you tip the artists you like and love.

Let me say it again, because I am a busker myself, and this is Relevant to my Interests: Tip the acts you enjoy. Just a bit of pocket change adds up to make the difference for a Strowler, you know. In the words of a wise man: "A little money makes the difference between an adventure, and an ordeal."

Tonight's feed will feature Kellianna at 7:00, followed by Heather Dale at 8:00, Sharon Knight at :9:00, Tricky Pixie at 10:00, and the Vagabond Vaudeville show at 11:00.

And finally, SHILL THIS POST! Oh, beloveds, let the internet ring with this ephemeral opportunity to sample our awesome!

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Call for Help! Please boost the signal!

CALL FOR HELP! I'm reaching out to my extended network to pass this on. My dear friend Karen lives in Wheeling, WV. She's a single mom with two beautiful teenage daughters. She just got evicted from her home, right after she gave her landlord her last cent. The reason given was ridiculous, but there's not a lot she can do. She has no money to move, and no place to go.

Please, if you have any connections in or around Wheeling, if you know of a nice place for a woman and her two daughters, please let me know. I've seen my network of friends do wonderful things. Can we create a miracle for my friend Karen and her girls?

She's not on LJ, but if you have any ideas, please get in touch with me, and I'll pass the word along.
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Rose City Steampunks picnic!


Join the Rose City Steampunks for an end of Summer picnic on August 29th 2010, 10am to 2pm. The Picnic will be at the upper picnic shelter at George Rodgers Park in Lake Oswego Oregon, 7 miles south of Portland. Meet other Steampunks from the area, and bring cameras for photo ops with the restored 1860s iron furnace near the shore of the Willamette river. The picnic is potluck. Please bring a dish to share, plates, cups, and utensils. Parking available on site, first come first served. The park is on the #35 Trimet Bus line, get off at stop before park.

Location: George Rogers Park - Upper Shelter
611 N. State Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034 US

When: Sunday, August 29, 10:00AM to 2:00PM


Meet New Friends


Photo Opportunities at
1860's restored furnace from Oregon Iron Co.

We supply some drinks, feel free to bring more. No alcohol please, park rules.

Please bring a dish to share, and plate, cup, and utensils.

About the iron furnace

For those that would like to join in all the Rose City Steampunk fun. Our yahoo group is a good way to keep in touch.

Hope to see you there!
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So, I'm learning Kundalini Reiki at New Pagan Journeys in Tualatin. I've decided that I'll be taking some time out of each day, and sending reiki to anyone who asks. So, if you want me to include you, ask. You can send me a private message, if you want. If you have a specific problem you want me to focus on, let me know that, too. I can't promise it will change anything, but it can't hurt, right?

If I don't know you IRL, please let me know your first and last name, or the name with which you most resonate (even if your driver's license disagrees.)
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Gaining weight on purpose

I've been trying to gain five pounds. Yes, you read that right. I'm current trying to gain weight. You see, I've been stuck at the same weight for months now. Because I have a history of starving myself to try to lose weight (which I've done in various forms since high school), my body is hording fat. The advice that Frank's NTP teacher gave was to gain five pounds, then go on the Sugar Handling Diet until I lose those five pounds again. Then, I'm supposed to do it all over. This lets my body know that we aren't in a famine, and it doesn't have to store extra fat for my survival.

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A place around Redmond to crash for a night?

Hello, friends in the Redmond area! I have a good friend who is coming up that way for conference on April 10, and need a place to crash for the night. She's an awesome person. If you can help her out, please let me know, and I'll get you in touch with her.

Thanks much!!!!
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Red Cedar Circle, March 16

Our next Portland Red Cedar Open Circle, in the SiSiWiss Tradition, will be on Tuesday, March 16, at George and Suzi Mayer's home. We will gather from 6-7 p.m. to share pot-luck food and community, and begin our Circle at 7 p.m. All are welcomed. George and Suzi's home is 0206 SW Nebraska St., Portland, OR 97230. (You may have to drop the initial 0 to find it on Google maps.) For directions or other information, please call George and Suzi @ 503-245-5660, or comment or message me here.