Peri's Glade

7 April
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Once upon a time, there was a gypsy faerie. Then she found Cascadia.

My favourite scents:

abney park, ajanabh, alexander james adams, altered art, amy brown, ancient egypt, animism, arthurian legend, arthurian legends, autumn, baking, bardry, bards, bauhaus, bead work, beading, beads, belly dancing, bodhran, brendan o'shea, brian & wendy froud, brigit, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, carnivale, cascadia, catherynne m. valente, catherynne valente, cats, celtic, celtic harp, celtic music, charles de lint, charles delint, chosen family, civil rights, cowboy bebop, crafts, crossstitching, d&d, dark chocolate, david bowie, dead can dance, delerium, doctor who, douglas adams, dragons, druidry, emerald rose, faerie, faeries, faerieworlds, fairy tales, fantasy, festivals, fire, firefly, folk tales, folklore, gaia consort, gardening, healing through music, heather alexander, herbology, jeff buckley, kan'nal, kiva, knitting, lol cats, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lost girls pirate academy, magick, mark geary, mediaeval baebes, mehndi, michael mcdermott, middle eastern music, mirabilis, music, mythic fiction, mythology, mythpunk, natural foods, nature, neil gaiman, newford, old world of darkness, openmindedness, oregon coast, orphan's tales, otherworlds, pacific northwest, pagan, paganism, pagans, palimpsest, paul b rucker, peter murphy, phantom of the opera, phil brucato, poetry, portishead, rain forests, ray bradbury, renaissance, renewable energy, ribbons and lace, role playing, roleplaying, s.j. tucker, sci-fi, science fiction/fantasy, sewing, shakespeare, sisiwiss circle, solace and sorrow, steam punk, steampunk, sustainability, sustainable living, tarot, tattoos, the moon, the ocean, the otherworld, thea gilmore, thunderstorms, tolkien, tori amos, trees, tribal belly dancing, tricky pixie, uffington horse, used bookstores, vegetarian cooking, victoriana, vixy and tony, william shakespeare